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‘Effective’ covid drug Sotrovimab against Omicron, UK approval

England has endorsed a medication called COVID, called Sotrovimab. The medication will

The message that Evaly’s MD gave to the customers from prison

Mohammad Rassel, managing director (MD) of Evaly, claimed that all the complications

Back Pain? You will get comfort if you follow the rules 2022

Problems like back pain were more common in the elderly. But now age is no longer needed for illness. Many

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Ways to increase reach on Facebook 2022

Even with a good post on Facebook, many people do not get much response. Again, people stumble to react to

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Digital creators are shaping the next evolution says Tasnim Mahbub

Social media now-a-days playing a huge role to deliver creative

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Bonnie left the BJP, will you join the lover’s team this time?

Bonnie Sengupta, a young star from Tollywood, has resigned from


What Sravanti said about her first husband after 5 years of divorce

Sravanti Chatterjee is one of the most popular actresses in


Cryptocurrency Prices: Bitcoin booms after the fall, COSMOS and DIA shine; Latest Crypto Price

Cryptocurrency Price in India: The world's oldest and most popular


The technology sector will create 10,000 jobs in three years

The government is moving ahead with plans to make Singapore

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Is China really trapping poor countries in debt?

China is trapping poor countries in debt. As a result,

Horoscope till 14th January

Find out how this week can go according to the

How to Deal With People Who Treat You Like Dirt

Whatever career you choose or life route you choose, there

The Kazakh president declared a state of emergency, dismissing the entire cabinet

Kazakhstan's President Qasim-Zomart Tokayev has declared a state of emergency

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The new generation is more interested in sex than marriage

The nature of human relationships is changing with the modernization of society. And so the

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Lack of sleep can lead to serious danger, find out the way to escape

According to experts, six to eight hours of sleep every day is absolutely necessary. More

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Recruitment corruption: ACC case against Jeevan Bima MD

A case has been filed against two people including the MD of the company due

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Why Asthma occurs during the winter and prevent it

As winter draws near, many individuals experience

Horoscope till 14th January

Find out how this week can go

Newborn care guideline 2022

Children are more prone to catching cold

The Robot Innovators Meetup was held in Dhaka

"Robot Innovator's Meetup" was organized by 'Bangladesh

Salt: Root cause of high blood pressure

The name hypertension is exceptionally natural to

Benefits of drinking hot water in winter

The value and use of hot water

Ritu becomes the first transgender UP chairman in Bangladesh

Transgender Nazrul Islam Ritu has been elected union parishad (UP) chairman at Trilochonpur union of Jhenaidah's Kaliganj upazila in the third stage of union parishad election. Bangladesh is home to an approximately 1.5 million transgender people, who face discrimination and

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Northeastern India is on fire with rage, deaths in clashes again

Violence has erupted in the northeastern Indian state of Nagaland after 14 civilians were killed

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This time Srabanti fell in love with 5 year old Bonnie

There is no end to the personal life of Sravanti Chatterjee, the leading actress of

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Why do you have problems with urination, what to do?

Many people suffer from urinary problems in winter. Some people also have urinary tract infections.

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Five buildings named after 5 Bengalis in Britain

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's independence, five new buildings have been

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How a court-constituted board will function in the management of Evaly

How a court-constituted board will function in the management of Evaly The High Court formed

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How much salt is safe to eat every day?

Salt is a condiment that is present in many of the preparations we consume daily

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Amazing deals from TayTools and AdultTime with coupon codes

TayTools broadly named as Taylor Toolworks has earned a good name on Amazon for selling

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EC now offers online access to its National Identification Database – NID

In the midst of the government-announced vacations to monitor the coronavirus outbreak, the Election Commission

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