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Ritu becomes the first transgender UP chairman in Bangladesh

Transgender Nazrul Islam Ritu has been elected union parishad (UP) chairman at

Eating foods that can increase hair loss

If hair loss is a problem, we can change the oil and

Kareena Kapoor gave good news

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the first popular actresses in Bollywood.

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Find out the easy ways to get rid of facial fat

Facial fat is enough to reduce the beauty of your face. This may be a

By Staff Reporter

A groundbreaking step by the government in reducing the risk of heart disease

Bangladesh Safe Food Authority has taken on the best strategy reported by the World Health

By Staff Reporter

How Alcohol increases the risk of serious diseases

In spite of the fact that medications and liquor are known to be unsafe to

By Staff Reporter

Coronavirus vaccine should be given every year

In an exclusive interview with the BBC, the head of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer said that people would need to

Staff Reporter By Staff Reporter

Salt: Root cause of high blood pressure

The name hypertension is exceptionally natural to us. This problem is being promoted as the main quiet enemy of the

Staff Reporter By Staff Reporter

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Global Coronavirus Cases





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Top 10 Bangla Cinema of All Time

Surprisingly Bengali filmmakers have produced a number of high-quality and creative films, something that is

By Staff Reporter

Find out which model will be more profitable to buy iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 or mini

Interested in buying a new iPhone device? Do not understand which model would be profitable

By Staff Reporter

Cryptocurrency Prices: Bitcoin booms after the fall, COSMOS and DIA shine; Latest Crypto Price

Cryptocurrency Price in India: The world's oldest and most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin had fallen below

By Staff Reporter

Unemployment is the reason for job seekers incompetence in English and communication

Albeit the pace of schooling has expanded after freedom with practically all markers, business isn't

By Staff Reporter

How to record a call with True-Caller? Find out

Many people use True-Caller app on their smartphones. But so far no one could record

By Staff Reporter

Smartphone Screen Protector rather harms than saving smartphones

Most smartphone users wear a screen guard or screen protector to protect their phone. However,

By Staff Reporter

This time Srabanti fell in love with 5 year old Bonnie

There is no end to the personal life of Sravanti Chatterjee, the leading actress of

By Staff Reporter

Emmanuel Macron warns of ‘trouble’ if vaccine is not given

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that those who do not receive the covid vaccine

By Staff Reporter

Opium cultivation and retreat from the Taliban, the world at risk

The Taliban are back in power in Afghanistan two decades after the US-led coalition withdrew

By Staff Reporter