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The Bara katra is not privately owned, inscriptions find

'Bara Katra North Gate Inscription', a document relating to ownership of the Mughal palace building Bara Katra, has been discovered. For

By Staff Reporter
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Fake Telegram app has spread on the internet, did you download it on your device?

One more warning for Windows users. If you download fake


9 thousand identified in one day, 12 deaths

Twelve people have died in Corona in 24 hours in

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Cheat Sheets to Deal With People Who Treat You Like Dirt

An asshole is someone whose actions frequently make you feel hopeless. The best method to

The World Health Organization has given a message of hope about Omicron

The World Health Organization has found further evidence to support the claim that the Omicron

The camera of iPhone 14 Pro can be like this

There is still insanity about iPhone 13. In the meantime, iPhone 14 Pro has come

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Foods that will increase oxygen saturation in the body

Oxygen is an essential nutrient for the body. Maintaining 94-96 percent oxygen saturation in the

By Staff Reporter

Evaly returning to business reportedly

Shamima Nasrin, the previous director of Evaly, has applied to the court-requested board in regards

By Staff Reporter

PK Halder, A Scammer Exposed to the Nation

Latest update – On 14 May 2022 Ex NRB Global Bank MD Proshanta Kumar Halder,

By Staff Reporter