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World is preparing for the coming of Dajjal 2024

As tensions escalate across the globe, anticipation grows regarding the prophesied arrival of Dajjal, a figure of great

Role of India in 1971: Independence of Bangladesh

From my experience as a writer delving into historical events, it's essential to grasp the depth of scenarios

Haval H6 SUV: A Comprehensive Review and Price Analysis in Bangladesh for 2024

The Bangladeshi automotive market is witnessing an increased interest in compact midsize SUVs, a genre that represents the

Haval Car Price in BD (Bangladesh) 2024

In 2015, Haval, a Chinese automotive brand under the Great Wall Motors Company, made its mark in the

Art of Adjustment: How to Set Realistic Expectations for Newly Married Couple

For newly married couples, the first lesson in the curriculum of conjugal harmony is the art of adjustment.

How to Get 100% Happiness from Married Life

Embarking on the journey of marriage is akin to navigating a river; it requires both skill and understanding

What Scholars Think About Islam and Politics

As we traverse the intricate web of modern politics, the role of Islam remains a subject of intense

Dawn of Governance : Know the Roots of Politics

Politics, the driving force behind governance and societal structure, is as ancient as civilization itself. Its origin is

Your Last Minute Check-list Before Visiting Nepal

At the foot of the world's tallest peaks, Nepal is a destination that calls to the adventurous spirit

Your Last Minute Check-list Before Visiting Bangladesh

The sun dips below the labyrinth of rivers crisscrossing Bangladesh, casting a golden glow over the bustling streets

Top Atomic Habits to Become a Successful Student

The journey of a successful student is paved with consistency and precision, much like the finely tuned workings

Unlock The Power of Mind : AI and Neuroscience

In the quest to understand the human brain, neuroscience has uncovered patterns that are now steering the course

Sky’s the Limit: The Revolutionary Sustainable Skyscraper of Tomorrow

As the world's population continues to surge and urbanization draws more people into city centers, the challenge of

Power of Reverse Health Engineering in Disease Prevention You Need to Know

Reverse health engineering is an innovative concept that borrows principles from the field of reverse engineering – the

Crucial Role of Body Weight in Cancer Prevention You Need to Know

The link between body weight and cancer has been the subject of extensive research over the years. A